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How make money online with JVZoo? - JVZoo Academy Review

How make money online with jvzoo?
JVZoo is a popular affiliate network among people in the MMO or “make money online” industry. Most of what's sold on there is info products like ebooks, video tutorials, software, apps, plugins, and things related to email marketing, list building, self help, product development and more.
But how can YOU make money on JVZoo? Is it actually possible?
Well, that's the easy question. Yes, making money with this affiliate network is definitely possible. They've been around for many years and I don't think I've ever heard of any grumbles about not getting paid when payday arrived. In fact, I actually do make money with them. Here's proof:
How make money online with jvzoo?
income from May to August 2015

On this article I used to say that I don't personally promote any products from their website because they were all junk. However, I've since changed my opinion, and updated the content to reflect some of my new discoveries about this affiliate network.
The most important update is, of course, that I'm currently making money with them, and you can too. But you have to do it right, and ethically, because there's a lot of trash being promoted on this website. I also want to compare JVZoo to some of the other popular affiliate networks out there and look at the pros and cons of using them versus other places.
How make money with jvzoo? Yeah, but you gotta work for it! So I also want to talk about how to develop a decent action plan for newbies so you can get started without needing to buy a bunch of get-rich-quick products.

Brief Affiliate Marketing Recap…

For the newbies out there, let's make one thing clear: affiliate marketing works. It's not about whether making money online is possible or not – it's definitely a valid way to earn income. You just have to figure out a method that works for you, and a method that you can scale from earning your first dollar, to having your first $1,000 dollar day.
How make money online with JVZoo?
How make money online with JVZoo? - JVZoo Academy Review
I'm proof of that this stuff works – After all, I've been paying my damn taxes for 3 years working from home. If you think the only people making money online are the ones selling the products, please contact the US government and tell them to give me my tax money back! LOL. I don't sell my own products. I deal exclusively with affiliate stuff, and love it. That's why I started my website One More Cup of Coffee…to teach people how to do what I do.
As a beginner, all you need to know at this point is that an affiliate marketer is essentially a freelance advertiser. You try to sell products or services from other people, and are paid a commission for each sale you make.
It's that simple. It's free to join, and there are very few restrictions on how you can promote products. Figuring out how to get traffic to your sales pages or affiliate links is the hard part!

About Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are just places where you can go to browse affiliate programs. They are like market places, where buyers and sellers can connect. Product owners and businesses submit their products/services to the network (usually paying a fee to do so), then freelancers like you can I can browse their offers and choose which ones to promote. In just one website, we can browse thousands of offers from a variety of industries.
As the marketing side of the equation, we have to make decisions about what to promote. This is usually based on things like:
  • our niche and target market
  • the quality of the product sold
  • the refund rate
  • product creator history
  • other incentives like prizes, bonuses
Other popular networks with a variety of affiliate programs available are Commission Junction, Shareasale, and Linkshare, but there are more.
Two popular networks that exclusively do digital information products are ClickSure and Clickbank. Clickbank has some legit stuff, and I'd recommend taking a look. However, I have recently seen them fall out of favor with product creators, and a lot of people seem to be moving to JVZoo. 99% of ClickSure is blatant scams, and you can pretty much ignore this network unless you really want to dig deep to find quality offers.
Another one that is gaining some traction lately is called WarriorPlus. However, they deal mostly with the “make money online” industry, so just be aware most of their offers are related to that topic.

What About JVZoo?

So where does JVZoo play into all this? JVZoo's products are digital downloads, and most of what I've dealt with personally is in the internet marketing industry. To be honest, I didn't really look past these products until recently, and thought that there was nothing else offered.
Here's just a short list of products that I've purchased within the last year in order to do reviews on my website. Green buttons were purchased without issue. Blue buttons were refunded because the product was not very good. I've even purchased some plugins and themes to test before.
jvzoo affiliate
Quality varies wildly on this company, and they clearly do not filter their products for scams. I see a TON of binary options products that are scamming people out of $10,000's of dollars on a monthly basis. Seriously. These are pretty bad scams and they are allowed to sell their products through this affiliate network. It's a real shame.
Digging a bit deeper, you can see there's a huge list of non “make money online” related products to sort through. Here's a screenshot of just some of the other stuff offered on JVZoo. Don't get too excited yet though…there's a catch to be aware of.
jvzoo affiliate
This is great that the categories exist. But the catch is that even though you see links and options, many of these categories are actually empty because no one has submitted a product.
JVZoo Academy review
magic related products = none

barbecue related products
barbecue related products? I don't think so!
Weight gain, dental, comedy…they all resulted in no results or unrelated products. Weight loss, weight gain, and health products did produce some results that would be worth looking into, including some PLR products. But most products categories were empty.
If you are not interested in the “make money” or “internet business” niche, I think you should start by investigating Clickbank instead. They have a much wider range of products available.
If you are actually looking for make money online guides, WordPress plugins, or other topics related to internet based business ideas, then JVZoo is still worth looking at.

Is JVZoo A Scam?

No. They are quite good about processing refunds, and as mentioned above, they pay on time. They've got a nice little site set up.
The only problem I have with their current system is that JVZoo does not handle refunds. As a buyer, you are required to request a refund though the seller. When you are dealing with big internet gurus who are tired of dealing with refunds, it's real easy to get ignored.
I have been ignored several times when asking for refunds. The support team at JVZ will do absolutely nothing about it. Trust me. I've pushed the subject before, and there's no real way to make a complaint. This is much different from Clickbank where you can submit a complaint and have their staff contact the seller to issue the refund.
JVZoo Academy review
But this is a problem from the buyers side, not the affiliate side. Your responsibility from the affiliate side is finding a good product to promote, and getting traffic to the sales page. Remember – how a buyer lands on the sales page matters just as much as what they see when they get there! You need to properly warm them up so they are ready to buy 🙂
If you want to learn how to be an effective online marketer, including how to pick good offers, how to attract customers to your website, and how to get your pages ranked in Google then I highly recommend you take the same training I did to get your business moving in the right direction (quickly). There's a lot of bad info out there on the web — stuff that just won't get you any results.
As you can see from this post I'm earning on JVZoo, plus a bunch of other places, and working full time from home. And you found this post right? Building an online business can be easy if you have the right training to follow and the right mentor to consult with.

Picking A Good Product From The Marketplace

There are thousands of products already on the marketplace, and more are released every month. Finding something that converts to sales and turns into money in your pocket can be a challenge. The first step is to find a high quality product with an attractive sales page!
Step 1: Find the product dashboard
product marketplace 1
Step 2: Select a category (optional) and type in a keyword
product marketplace 2
Step 3: Look at metrics to decide which products to investigate further
  1. An old product could be out of date, or it could be a strong, evergreen seller with long term income potential. A new product could be relevant and interesting, but high sales figures could be due to a over-hyped launch
  2. Many products sold could be because it's a good product, or just because it's old
  3. This is the average conversion rate for all affiliates. Yours will vary. Higher is better, but cheaper products tend to convert higher anyway so keep that in mind
  4. Related to conversion rate and the price of the product. This just provides a simple metric to compare similar products on which one is likely to earn you more money for the traffic you send to the sales page
  5. Some products have several more products in the sales funnel, with varying prices and commission rates. This is the average commission paid per customer acquired. You may be promoting a $10 product with 75% commission, but if there's a $97 upsell after they purchase, that will make the average commission for the product go higher that $7.50.
  6. Commission rates vary for each product
  7. High refunds bad. Low refunds good. If a customer gets their money back, you lose the commission. This is why it's important to give realistic expectations within your own promotions, and choose products that are not misleading in their advertising
JVZoo Affiliate
BTW those little green arrows mean “recurring payment”
For many offers, you have to request to be an affiliate. This makes sure that you are not a robot, and provides some assurance that you are going to promote their offer in a legitimate way. I've never been denied, but I have been ignored. Being ignored a good sign the product is no longer being sold, or you should not be promoting for the seller anyway!
If you are browsing JVZ, I highly recommend you buy something before you promote it. I've seen so many products that make insane claims like teaching you to make three hundred dollars an hour, or that you can earn a full time income by the end of the month.
Many times, you just can't trust what the sales page says, and JVZ doesn't check the legitimacy of these products or their claims. Out of respect for your buyers, and as a way to build trust with visitors to your website, you need to make sure the things you are promoting are legit. If people find out that you're promoting scams or low quality products, it could permanently damage your business' reputation!

Finding The Top Sellers

This is a pretty straightforward process, shown in this picture below:
JVZoo Affiliate
Pretty much all of them will always be some kind of WordPress plugin, social media marketing tool, video creation tool, or make money online product. If that's your gig, then check them out. Many of them don't have a great “sticky” factor, since a lot of them don't work very well, and product creators are more focused on having a successful launch than providing an actually good product.
But do your homework, and there are definitely some good ones out there. See what's new today, yesterday, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days. That'll tell you what's hot now, and what's been selling well for a long time. You can also research a product creators history and find reviews of past products to predict whether this “new launch” will fizzle out or is worth investigating further.

What Kind of Marketer Are You?

You have a choice of where to pick your offers from, and what you choose to promote. There are tons of other affiliate networks out there with better products, and a wider variety of products. JVZoo isn't a bad place – but you do have to look really hard to find something that will fit your business. If you don't have a business or a website yet, you should start one right now!
This is how I have build profitable businesses in the past: start with an idea for a website, THEN find a product to promote on it. This way you know that the topic you choose is a passion of yours, and you aren't just following the money. Many people do the opposite, and it yields poor results. They find a great offer with high commissions, but quit early on because they just don't have the motivation to follow through.
It's easy to forget, but each commission you make used to be money in someone's wallet. Finding good products to match buyers that will benefit from their purchase is Business Ethics 101.

Final Words

So before you try to make money with JVZoo, think about what you want to sell and who you want to sell it too. Then pick a product to fit your idea, and make sure it's a good one before you start recommending it.
If you want to look beyond this affiliate network, you can do that too. There are thousands of different things you can promote, and many companies you are familiar with have affiliate programs you can join for free. Google is a great place to start looking for private affiliate programs!
If you really enjoy the MMO or internet marketing niche and want to teach people how to build affiliate websites, I highly recommend you check out my personal favorite affiliate program. They pay 50% commissions and have been around since 2005, making them one of the most trusted and long-lasting online business training centers in the world.


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