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ClickBank University Review and Bonus Free

JVZoo Academy review
Clickbank University Review
Welcome to my Clickbank University, you’re here to learn the knowledge about this product and my mission is give you these necessary & exactly information. Are you new to ClickBank or looking for a method to make money online?ClickBank University claims that it will teach you how to become a successful ClickBank Vendor or Affiliate. With this review, we will have a closer look at the program and help you to decide if it is worth joining or not.

What is ClickBank? 

ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks for digital products like software, eBooks and memberships. Feel free to Read more about ClickBank. 

What is ClickBank University all about? 

It is a training platform that teaches people how to become a successful affiliate or Vendor with ClickBank. You have two options, learn how to sell your own products on ClickBank or how to promote products via affiliate marketing. 

The training goes over topics like: 

·                     How to market your product.
·                     How to get affiliates that will sell your product for you.
·                     Turning your knowledge into an informational product that will sell on ClickBank.
·                     How to create your website and sales pages for your product.
·                     Training on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), list building, Joint Ventures and so forth.
The majority of training is in video format with some PDF guides available. 

Who does ClickBank University intend for? 

·                     For people who want to earn money online full time or part time.
·                     People who want to be successful as Vendors/Affiliates on ClickBank.
·                     For those who wants to turn their knowledge or skill into a profitable product that sells.
·                     Preferably for persons over the age of 16
·                     Basic computer skills are needed like knowledge about working with the internet, browsers, fluent in English and so forth.The founders of ClickBank University are?
CBU (Clickbank University) was created by two young men named Justin Allen and Adam Horitz and was launched in the early part of this year (2014) as a way to help folks with making money online.

Along with creating your own products, Justin and Adam will also teach you how to start making money online by teaching you the right way to getting started as an affiliate marketer.

However, all of the training you will receive through this affiliate training course is geared around using CB to do so but the techniques they’re teaching can also be used in with all other affiliate networks or programs.

What does it cost to join? 

It's free.
I want to give it to you.

Some other bonusProduct Overview 

Orientation - You will be encouraged to set up your ClickBank university profile. Justin and Adam share their marketing story and give some advice on getting started. 

Class sign-up - In this section you can sign up for live weekly classes were questions get answered by the owners. 

Site builder – This section will help you to create high converting sales, thank you, upsell and JV pages. You can also create your own membership site. Very useful indeed, many marketers hit a snag when it comes to creating their pages, this feature makes it much easier to overcome the obstacle of finding hosting, a website creator and a designer. 

Beginners – Step by step training videos that will teach you how to create your product. It also includes modules like your first product, upsales, packaging, how to convert visitors into buyers, selling pages, funnels, pricing, and so forth. You will also be guided to the next steps that needs to be followed. 

Advanced – Like the name says, this is a more advanced training that focuses on: How to turn traffic into sales, How to turn visitors into subscribers, spit testing, conversions, advance selling tactics, JV partnerships, outsourcing, list management, paid advertising, mobile optimization and so forth. 

Affiliates - In this section of CBU, you will learn how to become an Affiliate Marketer and make commissions by promoting other people’s ClickBank products. This section includes the following modules: Building a squeeze page, List building, managing your list and driving targeted traffic, capturing emails, video promoting and so forth. 

Community - This section of CBU is a place where all members can talk, share info and tips or create JV’s. Serves as a good support structure. 

University Talks – Place where Successful ClickBank Vendors and affiliates share their knowledge and techniques. Bi-weekly live video coaching with a database of recorded webinars. 

Lots of high end tools and training to help you be successful with ClickBank.
Websites are user friendly and easy to navigate.
Both ClickBank product marketers and product creators can benefit.
Justin and Adam are both active with the program, unlike some products with the absence of the creators.
Live weekly seminars with the industry experts.
Discounts for yearly subscribed members.
Active ClickBank University Facebook page for additional learning and information.


Videos are set in a format that will help you to stay on track. However, some are locked and this is a bit of a setback for those who learn and move quickly. Weekly limitations on the number of lessons.
You will only learn how to sell ClickBank products. No training for physical products.
The program lacks in advanced SEO training. However, I am sure as time pass by, they will add more training.
ClickBank University is pricy compared to other related platforms if you only intent to use the training for affiliate marketing.

How to get this bonus?
3 simple steps to claim this bonus:
2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at:
3.You will receive the bonus within 24 hours.
Not interested in selling your own products? 

Website development that goes hand in hand with Affiliate marketing is still one of the preferred and easiest methods to make money online...Read More

You are a super star and made it all the way to the end of my review. Please be so kind to leave feedback in the form of a comment. Would love to hear about your experience with ClickBank University or your valuable opinion regarding the program.


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